Local Insights About Kiteboarding Culture in Cabarete, Dominican Republic


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Learn from a local legend what makes Cabarete a world-class kiteboarding destination.

Transport yourself to Cabarete, Dominican Republic — the Adventure Sports Capital of the Caribbean. This webinar was presented on Thursday, Jul 2nd, where Tracy shared what makes Cabarete stand apart from other world-class kiteboarding destinations and why you should visit.

This former fisherman’s village came on the kiteboarding scene in the 80s and has since become world-renowned for good reason: there aren’t too many kite places where you have flat warm water, wide open bays, radical waves and constant side onshore winds make kitesurfing conditions perfect for 300 days per year. 

This Epic Adventure Webinar is hosted by Tracy Shayhorn, founder and co-owner of Cabarete Kite Point Kiteboarding School. Tracy is a former professional race car driver who went to Cabarete on vacation 10 years ago and never really left. Her partner and head instructor, Jose Luis Ciriaco, was the very first Dominican professional kitesurfer back in the early 2000s. Together, they live and breathe all things kiteboarding in Cabarete. 

Join Tracy live on Thursday, July 2nd, as she shares her story and dives deep into what makes Cabarete a prime kiteboarding location.



  • Amazing photos and videos of kiteboarding in Cabarete
  • Her story from professional race car driver to local Cabarete kitesurfer
  • What makes Cabarete unique — from the water, to the wind, beaches, food, culture and everything else in between
  • How to get the best local experience
  • Tips for trip planning and the logistics you need to know
  • The essential gear to bring on your kiteboarding trip
  • Other fun day-trip spots within reasonable driving distance


Tracy will follow up with a live Q&A session, where you can ask her anything you want to know about kiteboarding in Cabarete. From the wind and water conditions, to planning a trip, to how she left it all behind to start a new life, get free professional advice from a true adventurer.

Webinar host

Tracy Shayhorn


To call Tracy an adrenaline junkie is an understatement. Known to the island locals as “La Jefa” (“boss” in Spanish), she’s a former professional race car driver that came to Cabarete to learn kiteboarding and literally never went home. Ten years later, she now co-owns one of Cabarete’s most prominent kite businesses — Cabarete Kite Point Kiteboarding School, which is part school, restaurant, rental shop, and local hangout spot. She’s known as the mama of Kite Beach and is heavily focused on her community. In addition to kiteboarding, she also surfs, SUPs, and teaches kickboxing and spinning.

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