Erik will cover:

  • What makes big wall climbs such enticing projects
  • Key differences between regular multi-pitch and big wall routes
  • When’s the right time to tackle your first big wall
  • What skills and gear you’ll need to master
  • Finding and sticking to your progression path
  • Exciting stories from personal big wall ascents

Rock climbers are a peculiar bunch. Always on the lookout for the next great send, they push the limits of mind and body to achieve unimaginable things.

Way back in the 1950s, climbers in Yosemite asked themselves “Can we go bigger?” And sure enough, they did. Thanks to their passion—and advancements in technology—big wall climbing was born. Today, scaling massive rock faces in long, multi-day ascents is more achievable than ever, and climbers “sleeping on the wall” has become a fairly common sight.

So what does it take to pursue such a large-scale endeavor? How does one even use haul bags, bivvies, or portaledges? You’re in the right place to find out!

In this educational one-hour session, a seasoned guide will teach you how to successfully plan and execute your very own big wall climb. Using Mexico’s El Potrero Chico as a case study, they’ll cover everything from physical and mental prep to specialist gear and essential moves to know. There’s no need to be intimidated, because you can do it as well!

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Webinar host

Erik Griffith
Erik Griffith - AMGA Single Pitch Instructor

An avid climber since he was 18, Erik’s guide education led him to record ascents in the Northern Ice Cap of Patagonia, Spain’s Picos De Europa, and the rugged landscapes of the Eastern Alaskan Range. He lived in Yosemite for 4 years, where he fine-tuned his big wall skills on the legendary El Cap, where he achieved several single-day ascents. He is now based in Sacramento, helping climbers from all walks of life improve their skills, find confidence, and send their dream routes.