Experience necessary

Uluwatu is one of those destinations that perennially tops bucket lists. Located on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu is known for its world-famous surf as well as the Uluwatu Temple: an 11th century Hindu temple. Due to its famous name and prime conditions, Uluwatu is one of the busiest surf spots in all of Bali and is best suited for experienced surfers. Consistent year round, Uluwatu offers hollow, performance waves during low tide and slower, mellower waves during high tide.

Surfing in Uluwatu, Bali
Uluwatu is a spot for experienced surfers that can handle big waves

The five peaks

Although generally referred to as Uluwatu, it’s actually a wide reef that is home to five different peaks: Temples, The Bombie, The Peak, Outside Corner, and Racetracks.

Temples is the farthest south and requires the longest paddle — the spot offers more size on smaller days. The Bombie is the most exposed spot and offers some of the biggest swells and waves in all of Indo. The Peak is located directly in front of the stairs and is the most consistent, offering multiple takeoff points and fast, short sections. Outside Corner offers big, open faces for only the most experienced surfers, making it a great spectacle for beachgoers. Lastly, Racetracks breaks over a shallow reef and has long, fun sections and occasional barrels. Although Bali does have some beginner-friendly spots, Uluwatu is suited for experienced surfers.

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Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons

Southern California-based surfer and travel writer

Rebecca is a seasoned writer and outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in Orange County, she has spent countless hours exploring the California coastline. She loves surfing, standup paddling, and anything that involves water. When she’s not in the ocean, you can find her exploring the local trails or sleeping under the stars alongside her adventure pup, Koa.

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