Hike the Ancient Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Hike the Ancient Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The ancient Inca Trail is one of the most iconic multi-day hikes in the world. Threading through the towering Andes Mountains to the sun gates of the sacred city of Machu Picchu, each paved stone along the route speaks to more than 900 years of Inca history and culture.

Winding through lush tropical flora, past shrines and ruins, and disappearing into the heaven-piercing Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, this 26-mile hike will be one of the most treasured experiences of your life. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to walk among the relics of one of the world’s most fascinating cultures, this is your chance to find out.

Iconic trail through Peruvian backcountry

The Inca Empire once spread across a vast tract of South America that today includes Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. To connect their expansive civilization, the Incas built thousands of kilometers of trails between the four suyu (regions) of Antisuyo, Contisuyo, Chinchaysuyo, and Collasuyo. Today, many of those same passes are hikable, but the most traveled, and for good reason, is the Classic Route.

This 26-mile/42 km-long route begins two hours outside of Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, and ends at the Lost City four days later. The trail is a challenge as the elevation rises and falls with the height of mountains—it starts at 8,530 ft/ 2,600 m and ascends to the highest point at 13,800 ft/ 4,200 m, before descending to Machu Picchu at 7,980 ft/ 2,430 m.

  • 13.2° S, 72.6° W
The interconnected houses in Machu Picchu are known as kanchas.

A universe in itself


Peru’s earliest inhabitants arrived about 15,000 years ago and the Inca Empire developed sometime in the early 13th century. With 12 million inhabitants and more than 100 ethnic groups, they flourished for centuries before the Spanish Conquest in 1532.

They worshiped the gods and built impressive shrines throughout the kingdom, including the Sun Temple in Cusco, the most important of the Empire. In a blaze of destruction by the Spanish, many cities, landmarks, and cultural knowledge were lost. Luckily, Machu Picchu, a masterpiece of architecture, has been preserved.

The journey is the destination


Each day, you’ll see the seasons change before your eyes. After scaling challenging peaks and exploring ruins during the day, you’ll sleep under the same stars that the Incas meticulously charted. Each stop is an experience unto itself, culminating at the ultimate destination—the legendary Inca citadel.

Hiking the trail is a spiritual experience, and modern outdoor enthusiasts aren’t the first to believe so. Although historians don’t agree about the exact purpose of Machu Picchu, it is generally agreed that it was a place of great importance and pilgrimage.

Fog slowly descending on the Runkurakay ruin. The famous Incan terraces at Moray.


Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, home to a wider variety of plants and animals than most other countries on Earth. From tundra to cloud forests to high mountain passes, you’ll travel through an array of scenery and ecosystems, challenging your legs and lungs with long climbs at high elevations.
Each step on the Inca Trail reveals new scenery and historical sites. Explore the ruins of Runkuracay, the multi-level terraces of Llactapata, the Warmiwañusca pass, the Unaccessible Village of Sayacmarca, the orchid paradise above the clouds at Phuyupatamarca, and the beautiful site of Wiñay Wayna.

Machu Picchu follows the religious architecture style of the Inca Empire. The path along the Inca Trail will reward you with numerous amazing sights and knowledge about this region.

Trip highlights

A spectacular adventure awaits

Untold mysteries await in the Lost City


The sacred city of the Inca civilization is perched 8,000 feet above sea level. Today, it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognised as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

The Classic Inca Trail isn’t the easiest way to reach Machu Picchu from Cusco, but it is the most spectacular—and takes you about as close to the gods as you can get.

As truly beautiful as the hike may be, the real reason for Inca Trail’s popularity lies at the very end of the adventure—passing through the Sun Gate at sunrise for that first magical sighting of Machu Picchu in the distance.

A hiking group clearly enjoying the Inca Trail.
Machu Picchu is a spectacular archaeological site more than 500 years old.

Peace of mind on the trail

Spend the whole journey alongside your professional guides and crew! They know everything about the path — how to manage the cold weather, all about the flora and fauna along the way, the history and tradition, and much more.

A team of experienced porters that know every twist and turn will carry your bags allowing you to enjoy the landscape and sites. As for the food, get ready for proper gourmet meals prepared on trail by your local chef.

Every group will be accompanied with one guide and if the group is bigger than 8 people, there will be an additional guide on the trail. They are in charge of the team from the hotel pick up to the hotel drop off, so you can relax and not worry about any part of the trip!

This Intihuatana stone located in Machu Picchu was apparently used for astronomical observations and ritual ceremonies. You will spend the whole Inca Trail journey alongside your professional guides and crew.

Your guides

Since 2000, you can’t enter the Inca Trail without a licensed guide and porter crew. Because of that, it’s important to find a guide that knows all the secrets of the land, the best way to trek and a ton of information about every site visited.

Raul Ccolque is a Sacred Valley local and owner of Alpaca Expeditions. He has lived in the Andes all his life. At 18, Raul started guiding groups along the legendary Inca Trail. His guiding service is 100% local and looks to educate clients about Inca culture and way of living, all while taking them on an adventure of their lives!

AE guides are locals from different villages and communities around Cusco. Your knowledgeable guides are able to communicate in both English and Spanish, but their main language is Quechua. They will be more than happy to translate and even teach you some of their ancient language. They mastered the craft of leading groups through the most beautiful places and over the highest elevations without losing any bit of information or tips that make the hiking more enjoyable.

Raul Ccolque is an experienced local guide for the Inca Trail, and the owner of Alpaca Expeditions. A satisfied Inca Trail tour group.
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If you are traveling with a family or just want to spend more time at each ruin, you can opt for an extra day of hiking and take things slow.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu treks generally takes four days, but if you are traveling with a family or just want to spend more time at each ruin, you can book an extra day and travel at a more leisurely pace. This is also a great option for those worried about their hiking capability and speed. Take your time and really enjoy each step of the way!

It is also advised that you arrive at Cusco a few days prior to your adventure in order to acclimate to the high altitude. There’s plenty to see, eat, and explore. Stay away from fast food and local specialties for now and relax before the hike.

The ruins of Machu Picchu date from around 1450.