Gain Alpine Climbing Skills in the Canadian Rockies Gain Alpine Climbing Skills in the Canadian Rockies

Gain Alpine
Climbing Skills
in the Canadian

The spectacular geography of the oldest Canadian National Park Banff offers impressive summits and jaw-dropping panoramas, while its glaciation serves as the perfect backdrop for an Alpine Climbing Skills course.
The best way to get a feeling for mountain environments is to spend time in the alpine environment and get some hands-on experience. Take the leap into the alpine world and gain competence in a controlled environment—the majestic Canadian Rockies are a great classroom with its stunning glacial lakes, snowy mountain tops, and picture-perfect villages along the way.

Step inside the magical world of the Canadian Rockies

Spreading over 75,000 square miles along British Columbia and Alberta, the Rockies encompass five mountain ranges and five national parks, each famous for its spectacular scenery and endless outdoor opportunities. Spend a week in nature filled with amazing views and challenging climbs, and develop alpine skills that will substantially increase your security while exploring the majestic backcountry.

Miles of winding roads feature picture-perfect mountains and lakes around every bend and lead you to Banff—Canada's oldest National Park—famous for epic backcountry hiking trails, alpine terrain, and stunning icy turquoise lakes.

  • 51°10' N and 115°34' E
  • 75,000 SQUARE MILES
Rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies is challenging, yet rewarding.
The location of the Canadian Rockies on the world map.
Climbing to one of the numerous peaks in Banff. Ice climbing in the Banff National Park will be a highly educational experience.

The ultimate classroom for a confident alpinist

A Lifetime of learning

Alpine climbing takes things a step further than any other climbing sport. It is an endeavor requiring a lot of technical skill and, truth be told, probably more practice than you could imagine. Once you master alpine skills such as climbing techniques and risk management, you will be able to access otherwise inaccessible places.

The towering peaks, pristine glaciers, and exposed rock faces of the Canadian Rockies are an alpinist's dream—the perfect place to hone in your skills and get some real hands-on experience.

Gain New Skills

Some lessons are obvious, others less so. That's why it is best to join a professional guide and learn and practice in an authentic alpine environment.


There are miles upon miles of boundless impressive Alpine terrain waiting to be explored, but the key to a successful adventure is a thorough route selection and a sense of orientation.


Breathtaking glaciers are what makes alpine climbing so epic, but for all their beauty, they are equally as dangerous. Perfecting glacier travel skills and crevasse rescue can only happen with training and experience.


Master anchors, belaying, advanced knots, and multi-pitch climbing. Moving on Alpine rock terrain can be tricky, but with the right skills, you'll have better chances of reaching your ultimate goal.


Using ropes, anchors, ice axes, and crampons require a lot of technical knowledge. Start with each technique on the ground and gradually apply it to steeper Banff terrain.


Navigating rock faces across multiple pitches—especially in an Alpine environment—involves risky and dangerous situations. Learning proper rescue and safety techniques can save your life.


The best way to get a sense of mountain environments is to spend some time in the mountains. Learn to think critically and independently—patience and exercising good judgment are often undervalued skills.

New experience awaits around each bend

Climbing on the peaks of Banff is an epic endeavor.

The finest collection of true alpine climbs in the world


The Canadian Rocky Mountains of Banff boast several hundred alpine climbs —enough to last a lifetime— featuring anything from glaciers, stunning lakes, endless icefields, and peaks exceeding 11,000'.

Spend three days on Mt. Athabasca, one of the best terrains for developing alpine skills, and explore this staggering yet accessible 11,000 ft mountain. Its northern face features a massive glacier littered with features and lined with ridges that seem like they were made to be climbed. As you summit, the views of the surrounding mountains, like Mt. Columbia, will blow you away.

Lake Louise, steeped in mountaineering history, will serve as a backdrop for the rest of the course. Boasting an array of dramatic peaks, it is an excellent option for anyone looking to test their technical skillset.

 Learn essential alpine skills while summiting the majestic Mt. Athabasca.
You will get all the necessary alpine climbing gear for this epic Canadian Rockies adventure.


The Rockies are unfathomably immense, and the Banff area is iconic for its wide variety of challenging and technical rock and alpine climbing routes. This course is essential if you aspire to climb some of the most prominent peaks on Earth, and Banff accommodates climbers of every level looking to learn and upgrade their skills, taking you one step closer to achieving your climbing goals!

Once you summit the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, you will have a mesmerizing view over the surrounding lakes in the area.
This glacier is just one of the many in the Canadian Rockies.

Your guide

When he first stepped foot in the mountains, Jeff knew this was home. He's been wondering what adventures the snow-capped peaks have had in store since he was 12.

Jeff started training for his ACMG/IFMGA mountain guide certificate in 2002 and started his own business, Alpine Air Adventures. To this day, he has yet to find a better feeling than sharing his passion for adventure you can only find high up in the alpine kingdom of the Canadian Rockies.

Jeff will guide you through the alpine climbing spots in the Banff National Park. Your guide for this Banff adventure is Jeff, a IFMGA mountain guide since 2002.
Andy E

Jeff provided the logistics for a great day on the crags with Christian. Thought we had some experience in the gym, we had never been outside. Christian tailored the experience to meet out needs and gave us a great intro to outside climbing we were looking for!

Highly recommended! Did AST1 with Tamara and it was fantastic!!! Small group, well organized, professionally run and very enjoyable. Thanks for the great weekend!

AAA was responsive, answered all my questions and provided so much detail—they were also among the most affordable! My guide listened to what I wanted, assessed my abilities, used his knowledge and expertise, and took me on an adventure I won’t soon forget!

Peter O
Another great couple trips with Jeff (both multi-day mountaineering and a rock climbing outing). As always he’s a great guide that’s fun to spend time with and climb with safely and efficiently. Have been out with him many times and plan on many more.
Banff National Park offers some of the best alpine climbing opportunities in North America.