Ski and Sail the Svalbard Archipelago

Ski and Sail Under
the Midnight Sun

When you embark on these remote, untouched, snowy paths near an ocean and at the edge of the world under the midnight sun, your perspective of vastness will change with each passing day.

Skiing far away from the tourists and crowded routes, you’ll journey towards the midway between Norway and the North Pole. This once-in-a-lifetime Svalbard expedition has it all, from arctic skiing on untouched powder to all the comforts of home with yacht sailing.

About Svalbard

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Almost 60 percent of it is covered with glaciers, and the islands feature many mountains and fjords. Almost everyone who comes to Svalbard gets to see reindeer, walruses, and countless birds and the luckiest visitors on Svalbard tours see a polar bear or Arctic foxes. Although sightings are rare, you can luck out!

During this Svalbard cruise, you can find the world’s northernmost pub, wine cellar, church, museum and the site of the farthest north battle of World War II. The city of Longyearbyen also features a surprisingly bustling nightlife and plenty of dining options.

  • 79° TO 84° NORTH
Skiers in Svalbard touring
The location of Svalbard on the full map of Europe.
The zoomed map of Svalbard.

Unlimited terrain under the Midnight Sun


Be the first, or one of the first, to ascend and descend the epic peaks. The terrain is remarkably accessible and most of the skiing is consistent with low 30-degree angles.

Steeper skiing can be found for anyone looking to challenge themselves.

Svalbard is full of surprisingly accessible mountains that provide a consistent ski experience. Polar bears are kings of Svalbard, as their population exceeds the number of human inhabitants on the archipelago.


During the week, snow can vary from dry Arctic powder to perfect spring corn.

Ski slopes vary from low angle open bowls to spines and technical chutes.

Gazing at the ice-cold sea from the snowy slopes of Svalbard.
Skier making lines in snow in Svalbard
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An expedition on a state-of-the-art ship


While ski touring out of Longyearbyen is easy, getting deeper into the Svalbard wilderness takes some planning. Boats — sail or otherwise — are key for an adventure like this, providing flexibility and safety. Scenic climbs give way to long, beautiful runs back to the water, where a comfortable boat and a warm meal await you at the end of each day.

There are two ships available for this Svalbard expedition—Varuna and Intrepido—both hosting a professional and friendly crew, guides, and 6 guests who love ski touring, good food, and epic scenery! You will either stay on the Varuna or the Intrepido boat. Guests are spoiled with an on-board chef and all delicious meals during the tour. Guest number is limited to 6, guaranteeing comfort, personalized attention from the crew, easy walk through the spacious saloon, and easy use of amenities.

A Svalbard sailor preparing the boat for the ice-cold sea of the Arctic.
While sailing around Svalbard, you’ll be treated with beautiful 360-degree views.


You will stay on a 73-foot sailboat called Varuna—Garcia shipyard’s state-of-the-art yacht designed and built for unlimited travel and thoroughly equipped for the high latitude activities. This versatile and comfortable boat easily cruises at double digit speeds and is adapted to host skiers, hikers and their gear, making the entire operation smooth and safe. Sail countless coves and experience the archipelago and Longyearbyen area the way they were meant to be experienced!

This 73-foot boat is called Varuna - and it will take you on an epic sailing adventure around Svalbard.
This road sign in Svalbard indicates a high chance of a polar bear appearing.


The other boat sailing the Longyearbyen area is the 68-foot Intrepido, perfect for high-latitude cruising in cold waters. Its cabins are very comfortable and spacious, but it still remains a very trusty and fast sailboat thanks to her aluminum hull. Just as with the Varuna sailboat, you can be sure you’ll be comfortable in the boat’s welcoming and warm rooms.

Your guides

Lionel Lemonchois is a professional racer-skipper—his career spans solo oceanic expeditions, non-stop around the world races, and many more. He is also certified as an offshore commercial yacht master, contributing significant skills in both crew management, safety and medical emergency chapters. As the co-founder of Boreal Adventure Sailing and skipper of VARUNA, he’s dedicated to share his passion for sailing and nature.

Brian Farquharson is a professional mountain and climbing guide, a ski teacher, an Arctic Guide and RYA sailing teacher that has been running Ski & Sail tours for 15 years. In the last 23 years, he has become the lead guide for some amazing companies including the BBC, Pioneer Productions London, Amazon Prime and the top heliskiing operations worldwide. When he’s not leading tours, he tours Europe lecturing about avalanche awareness and rescue!

Andres Scherrer has made his dream a profession—he has been a qualified IFMGA mountain guide for 13 years! Sponsored by Mammut, he carries numerous expeditions all around the world and continuously discovers new terrain around Iceland, Norway, Japan and Alaska. When he’s not skiing, he works as a profiler for the Snow and Avalanche Research Institute in Davos and gives avalanche courses for all levels of skiers every year.

Paul Degonda travels the world year-round. He spends the winter season ski touring, mountaineering, freeriding, heliskiing, ice climbing and snowshoeing across the world, and during the summer he guides for mountaineering, sport climbing, bouldering, trekking and biking.

Your expert guiding team (up to 4 guides) is experienced in avalanche terrain and trained to handle any medical emergencies. The Svalbard expedition is one of the best experiences for any outdoor adventurer, and your hospitable hosts will ensure you have the best experience possible on this once-in-a-lifetime tour.

Lionel Lemonchois is a certified yacht master and the co-founder of Boreal Adventure Sailing. Brian Farquharson is a professional mountain and climbing guide who will take you on a ski tour adventure around Svalbard. Andres Scherrer is a mountain guide with 13 years of IFMGA certification, making his expertise extra useful for this expedition. Paul Degonda is a passionate traveller and the final guide for this epic Svalbard ski and sail expedition.
Louise Lumley

Fabulous crew, lovely people, great food, fun and accommodating. Excellent well appointed boat with unbelievably experienced skipper.

Ana A.

They are a great professional team. Lionel Lemmonchais is the best skipper I ever met!!

Bigboy Nautica

The extraordinary route from Vigo to Artic Polar Circle (paralelo 66 North) in Reto Pelayo Vida 2021 would not have been possible without Boreal Adventure Sailing team and the fantastic sailing boat VARUNA… its performance under extreme weather conditions has been incredible. Sailing with skipper Lionel Lemmonchiois is a privilege and an excellent learning sailing experience… very proud for being able to sail with him. Thanks for your implication in this amazing challenge!

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