Hiking the Hidden Trails of Iceland Hiking the Hidden Trails of Iceland

The Hidden Trails
of Iceland

When you embark on these remote trails you’ll experience the most beautiful and expansive landscapes Iceland has to offer. Far from the tourists and crowded trails, you’ll travel over 80 miles of kaleidoscopic terrain to some of the best hidden treasures that dare to be found.
Forged of molten stone and weathered by thick ice, hidden trails take you on a journey through other-worldly landscapes of jet black sand glistening with shards of obsidian, past green-hewn rhyolite mountains and turquoise lakes, and on to lava fields with inviting hot springs—all while sleeping in mountain huts.

Why Hidden Trails?

Hidden Trails is an adventure that combines the famous Laugavegur Trail along with some of the most reclusive gems of Iceland. We will discover geothermal areas, secret valleys, endless lakes and lava fields that challenge our imagination.

The tour is about seclusion. For most of the trek, we will be on our own in forgotten places and away from the common-and-crowded hiking routes. That is, until we join the last stages of the Laugavegur Trail for a thunderous climax: Thórsmörk, a valley of mythic proportions fit for the gods.

The guide showing the majesty of the Valley of Landmannalaugar.

Landscape evolves daily

There’s so much different scenery you’ll see while adventuring, it’ll stay with you your whole life. You can go in minutes from red to black to green tones.

Red tones

Flaming-colored relief, lava forests, and even molten, fiery lava can be found while adventuring.

Black tones

Enchanting pitch-black ground, volcanic ashes, black sand beaches and deserts.

Orange tones

Landmannalaugar is a geothermal valley with picturesque orange shades of the ground.

Green tones

From moss-green mountains to valleys and light-green plants, these shades of green are breathtaking.

Blue tones

There will not be a lack of blue on your adventure, as there are numerous gorgeous lakes around.

White tones

Finally, there are also a few colder areas where the whitest virgin snow covers the ground.

The raw experience

Besides the dramatic, picturesque landscapes at every turn, what makes this an adventure of a lifetime is the experience you can’t get anywhere else in the world. You can undergo four seasons in a day, sleep in shepherd huts, eat authentic local meals, and bathe in natural thermal pools.

Experience the raw and primal traditions, connect yourself with nature, and energize your body, mind, and soul in the vast and breathtaking scenery only found in Iceland.

Enjoy the hidden hot springs of Iceland and avoid the crowds.
An Iceland tour group crossing the river.
The hiking trails on Iceland are connected with mountain huts.
The raw experience
The hiking trails on Iceland are filled with mountain huts for a welcome place of respite. The hiking trails in Iceland will take you through different seasons and diverse landscapes.
Overlooking the Ljotipollur Lake.

Connect for life

Sleeping with your travel-buddies in huts in the middle of Icelandic vastness creates unbreakable connections. You will be able to meet people from other sides of the world while sharing the same unforgettable experiences.

This spectacular journey hosts anywhere from 7 to 13 travelers looking for an adventure.

First time in Iceland?

International airport
If you’re flying to Iceland, you will arrive at Keflavik International Airport and be transferred to Reykjavik. It’s just a 45-minute drive.
The capital and the largest city of Iceland, believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement 
in Iceland.
A vast area of stunning and unique beauty in the heart of Iceland’s southern Highlands. It serves as a starting point for your adventure.
A mountain ridge in Iceland, named after the Norse god Thor. It serves as the final location for your adventure, before heading back.

The Island of Ice and Fire Awaits

The general itinerary for hiking the hidden trails of Iceland requires 4 to 8 hours of walking a day, crossing between 6 to 10 miles from one hut to the next, for 10 days in a row.

Ready to take the first step?

Hiking in the Landmannalaugar Valley is nothing short of extraordinary.

Trail Highlights

Alberto is the second guide for this magnificent Iceland adventure. Mónica is a mountain guide certified by UIMLA who will take you on this amazing adventure around Iceland.

Your guides

Mónica is a mountain guide certified by UIMLA. She is experienced in mountaineering, sport climbing, and skiing. She knows her way around Iceland’s hidden gems, as well as all the best spots in Black Forest, Morocco, United States, Scotland,
and Nepal.

Alberto has guided adventure treks in Iceland, Greenland, South America, and Nepal. He has also worked as a documentary and travel photographer for international magazines. He has lived in Iceland since 2015, traveling the country, discovering hidden gems and adventuring off beaten paths.

David Armstrong

Outstanding hiking in remote and incredibly scenic parts of the highlands of Iceland. Highly recommend Alberto and Monica and their trips. You will see the most beautiful parts of hidden Iceland, several days you will not see any other people and only incredible natural beauty.

Carol Van Dyke

I would go anywhere with Alberto! Loved the off beat trek, good food and awesome settings.

Marc Kundler

Alberto was incredibly fun & knowledgeable, Monica as well. They made the whole trip unforgettable. “Just finished “ Hidden Trails” in Iceland with Amarok Adventures. A beautiful and epic trip through the less touristy parts of the icelandic highlands. Utterly amazing and mind blowing.
Thank You Amarok,
Marc & Maria”

Jeffery Gebhardt

Our guide Alberto provided us a safe, fun and excellent experience in the Highlands. He has a set of skills perfectly suited for the task: knowledge, strength, confidence, experience, responsibility, quick thinking and grace under pressure. And a great sense of humor! And a good cook too! We had a great time throughout the entire trip. Memories for a lifetime.

The Highlands of Iceland is unique, vast and beautiful. Massive glaciers, black deserts, too many spectacular waterfalls to count. Iridescent mosses, surprising flowers against a background of mountains, cones and craters. Amazing!

A panorama of a breathtaking landscape of Iceland.