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October and November

Nearest city

Kathmandu (KTM) is where the journey begins

Nepal, a country in the clouds

Nepal is the only country in the world where mystical jungles, mighty rivers, and the majestic Himalayas — eight of the ten highest peaks in the world — converge with the religious and cultural intertwining of Hinduism and Buddhism, India and Tibet.

hiking, paragliding and rafting at the top of the world

The adventure begins in Kathmandu where you’ll be swept off your feet by the city’s bright colors, aromas, ancient temples, and bustling marketplaces. After some urban exploration, you and your group will leave the behind hustle and bustle of the capital and embark on a 7-day Annapurna Base Camp Trek, a hike that many consider to be one of the world’s most beautiful. Some of the highlights will include rafting and paragliding opportunities as you climb to base camps at Mount Machapuchare — Fish Tail Mountain, so named for its double peak — and Annapurna South.

On average there are about 5–6 hours of slow-paced walking per day — this is best for acclimation and to avoid altitude sickness. For guests who want to walk unencumbered by their backpacks, your guides can hire local porters.

Things you need to know


Day 1 Travel day to Kathmandu

Day 2 Meet your guide at the airport or train station, depending on your method of travel. Procure visas, and have a relaxed walk around Thamel, the city center

Day 3 Wandering around Durbar Square (historical and social centre of the city) and Swajamboudnat (Monkey Temple), buying the equipment we need

Day 4 Pashunpati, the most important Hindu temple in Nepal where monks burn the dead. Boudhnath, the largest stupa in the country. In the afternoon, you’ll visit an orphanage, laden with gifts for the children

Day 5 Hit the road to Pokhara — 6 or 7 hours, depending on traffic and potholes. At the halfway point, you’ll stop for a three hour rafting tour down the Trisuli River

Day 6 After spending the night in Pokhara, you’ll travel by jeep for about 2 hours to the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) trailhead. The first part of the trek begins! Hike through the rice fields and the jungle along a winding river. At day’s end, you’ll sleep in a bed overlooking Annapurna and other frozen peaks

Day 7 Chomrong to Dobhan (2600m). About 6 hours of hiking before entering a fairy-like rhododendron and bamboo forest

Day 8 Dobhan to MBC (Machapuchare Base Camp, 3,700m). About 5 to 6 hours of hiking

Day 9 MBC to ABC (4130m) to Deurali (3200m). About 6 hours of hiking. You’ll head up at night to catch the sunrise at one of the wildest viewpoints in the Himalayas — the Annapurna Sanctuary. After taking it all in, it’s time to head down to Deurali

Day 10 Deurali to Sinuwa (2360m). 5 to 6 hours of easy, downhill walking with eye-popping beauty every step of the way

Day 11 Sinuwa to Jhinu (1780m). 5 hours of lots of up and down trekking but you’ll be rewarded with a surprise when you go to sleep at night!

Day 12 Jhinu to Pokhara. 5 hours of walking, depending on where the group catches a ride to Pokhara

Day 13 Relax, shop, get a massage, or take a rowboat out on the lake. Maybe even swimming or paragliding

Day 14 Get back on the road to Kathmandu. Last chance to buy souvenirs

Day 15 Have breakfast before heading to the airport or bus station

Day 16 Travel day back home

Where will you sleep?

Accommodations will be in hotels when staying overnight in a city — the hotels have twin rooms with a private bath, and wifi. Nights spent on the trail will be in the Nepalese equivalent of mountain huts.

What's the weather like?

25° during the day and 10° at night while in cities; hiking will see 20° during the day and at night the temperature may drop to 0°.

What about spending money and exchange rates?

Nepalese Rupee (NPR) is the local unit of currency. Approximately $1 = NPR 105, and 1€ = NPR 115. US dollars are best because they’re the easiest to exchange but the euro is also a welcome currency. The ATMs in Kathmandu and Pokhara accept most cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro).

What about electricity?

Sockets are European-style two-pin sockets (schuko).

What about cell service, WiFi, and SIM cards?

Internet is available everywhere in Kathmandu and Pokhara, even when you’re hiking. SIM cards are readily available if you’d like to purchase a local phone plan during your trip.

Extras that you should bring

  • Four passport-sized photos
  • Photocopies of the first two pages of your passport

In the event you forget to bring an article of clothing or gear, remember that gear can be purchased in Nepal very inexpensively.


Depending on your nationality we’ll help you with the information about visa requirements for your country. For most nationality visa is issued at the Kathmandu airport ($40 visa fee for a 30 day stay). We’ll pick up trek permits in Kathmandu and they’re included in the tour price.

Hiking will just be part of your adventures in Nepal

During downtime, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for shopping and immersing yourself in Nepalese culture. Kathmandu is loaded with stores where you can buy just about anything: khukuri knives, exotic spices, Tibetan mandalas and thangkas, top-notch hiking and climbing gear, clothes and shoes. Your tour will take you to Swayambhunath (monkeys!), Pashupatinath (the most important Hindu temple in Nepal where they burn the dead), Devi Kumari (Living Goddess) Temple, Durbar Square, Bodhnath, which is the largest stupa in Nepal and much, much more. Your tour will bring you to visit children in an orphanage and, like every trip so far, bring them loads of gifts. Your guides will take care of the gifts, your job is to hand them over to the kids and put a smile on their faces. For more details, be sure to look at the itinerary below.

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