Your host will cover:

  • What it’s like to kitesurf in Sardinia, Corsica, and the Cyclades
  • How to scour for the best swells
  • Why sailing and kitesurfing are the perfect pair
  • What to bring on your adventure
  • Pro tips for planning your own odyssey

With spectacular scenery, reliable winds, and a thriving community, Sardinia, Corsica, and the Cyclades are a kitesurfing paradise.

Enthusiasts and top athletes alike have been drawn to the islands for decades now, enjoying the pristine white beaches, crystal-clear seas, and primo swells. Touring them via sailboat adds an extra level of flexibility, letting you hop from island to island, find the best waves, indulge in the freshest seafood, and enjoy front-row seats to Europe’s most colorful sunsets.

However idyllic it sounds, planning a Mediterranean kitesurfing odyssey can be a logistical nightmare. Hopefully, this FREE WEBINAR can help you out!

In an hour-long session, an expert guide will provide you with inside info on sailing and kitesurfing trips in the Mediterranean Islands, including when to go, what to bring, and where to find the perfect waves, hot spots and hidden gems alike.

Webinar host

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