Olivier shared:

  • Where the Lofoten archipelago is and how to get there
  • The history and legends once forged in this iconic area
  • The endless natural wonders found among Lofoten’s fjords
  • What life is like on a sailboat above the Arctic Circle
  • Local favorite spots you absolutely have to visit
  • Fascinating stories from Olivier’s previous expeditions

Crowning Norway’s Nordland county just north of the Arctic Circle, Lofoten is a nordic natural paradise packed with pale mountains and picturesque meadows, sheltered bays and jutting fjords.

The narrow waterways winding between Lofoten’s fjords, the old-timey fishing villages sprawled along its shores, and the trails crisscrossing its coastlines are best explored on foot and by kayak.

However, making the most of your multisport medley in Lofoten means uncovering the hidden gems, visiting the local-favorite lookouts, and tackling less traveled trails, and for that, you’ll need the help of someone who knows the area inside and out. This is where Olivier comes in!

If you want to learn how to explore Lofoten like a local, Check out our FREE WEBINAR recording  hosted by Olivier, a seasoned seafarer who’s been sailing Lofoten’s waters for years. You’ll learn about the area’s history, what life is like on the boat, how to find the best-hidden hot spots, and pick up some local pro tips for your own future odyssey.

After you hear this, there’s no(r)way you won’t be booking your trip to Lofoten.

Webinar host

Olivier van Warmerdam
Guide, sailing instructor, and co-founder of Sailing Taxi

Ever since he first stepped on a sailing boat at the age of six, Olivier’s passion for adventure in the open seas has been growing and growing. While studying engineering in Amsterdam, he got the idea of sailing around the world, and after he developed this plan and gathered the right people, the first Sailing Taxi project was born. Now, hundreds of guests and thousands of nautical miles later, he and his crew have accumulated enough experience to organize unforgettable sailing tours in some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth.