Host will cover:

  • Why Gran Canaria is a rising star in the world of subtropical trekking
  • How to find the island’s top trails and landmarks
  • The ins and outs of planning a trip to the Canaries
  • Getting there and what to bring for your adventure
  • Local delicacies you just have to try

Floating in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Morocco, a group of Spanish islands form a subtropical paradise where hiking is not a hobby, but a way of life. Welcome to the sunny Canaries!

For a long time, Tenerife, the largest island in the archipelago, has been hogging all the glory for itself, but now there’s a new shining star in the region.

Gran Canaria is an oasis of contrasts—shaded pine forests stand tall in barren desert outcrops, while volcanic calderas overlook soft subtropical beaches. Here, you’ll find a different landscape for every day of the week.

An ever-growing trail network crisscrosses the island, offering a trek for every type of traveler. From gentle beachside walks to high-mountain hikes up the Pico de las Nieves volcano, this miniature continent has evocative sights in spades.

In this hour-long session, an experienced local guide will share everything there is to know about hiking in Gran Canaria—from planning and preparations to bucket-list trails and must-try delicacies.

Want to learn why Gran Canaria is the next big thing in the world of hiking? Drop by to find out!

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