Host will cover:

  • Why the Ecuadorian Andes are a high-altitude hiking mecca
  • The country’s top trails and how to hike them
  • The rich indigenous heritage and culture
  • Andean wildlife and how to spot it
  • Getting there and other logistical considerations
  • The art of acclimatization and other high-altitude trekking tips

Rising out of the South American sierra, the rugged Ecuadorian Andes are home to some of the greatest high-altitude hikes in the world. While not as renowned as the summits of Patagonia, these peaks and páramos more than rival it in their natural diversity, cultural significance, and the sheer number of fantastic panoramas.

From the alpine idyll of the Central Highlands to the rolling foothills of Cotopaxi, one of the world’s tallest active volcanoes, the terrain here changes as quickly as the weather.

Scattered along the spine of the Andes are vibrant villages where welcoming natives are eager to introduce travelers to their food, history, and colorful landscapes. When it comes to dramatic backdrops, very few experiences can compete with crater-to-crater hiking high above the cloud line.

In this one-hour session, you’ll hear about the fascinating culture of Ecuador, the sublime beauty of its volcanic mountains, and the glorious hiking trails strewn across their verdant slopes. Before you know it, you’ll be prepped and primed for your very own Andean adventure.

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