Natalia will cover:

  • Why Cuba is a paradise for active adventurers
  • Hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding – Cuba’s endless adventure options
  • The coolest natural landmarks you just have to experience
  • The vibrant culture, cuisine, music, and locals
  • The logistics behind planning such a dynamic adventure
  • Pro tips for your active holiday

Picture the rush of hiking a tropical trail, the thrill of snorkeling below a hidden waterfall, or the serenity of cycling through colorful streetsides, where locals greet you with coffee and a warm smile.

This is authentic Cuba, a paradise from every angle.

An active adventure is the best way of experience everything Cuba has to offer. Blending cultural immersion with hiking, cycling, ziplining, scuba diving, and other awesome activities, it’s a much-needed escape that gets your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

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Natalia will unveil all the ingredients for an unforgettable Cuban adventure, from the best hiking routes & hidden snorkeling havens to must-visit cultural spots and must-try cocktails. You’ll be inspired, but you’ll also gain valuable insights into navigating the logistics of actively experiencing Cuba firsthand.

Webinar host

Natalia C. Coronado
Cuba Tour Guide

A seasoned traveler with a restless spirit, Natalia has been exploring the world since she first set foot outside her native Spain. But Cuba holds a special place in her heart, and for good reason! With years of experience showcasing the island’s wonders, Natalia is your key to unlocking an unforgettable Cuban adventure.