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8 day
Jelena Rončević, Ivo Jarić
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  • From the majestic sailboat to the enchanting streets of Trogir and breathtaking islands like Brač, Hvar, and Korčula, each moment unveils a new treasure of nature and history. Over 8 days, you’ll find serenity in Mljet's Lokva Bay and Šipan and succumb to the allure of Dubrovnik, where ancient walls and a storied past converge with a touch of fantasy. Allow the Adriatic's enchantment to become a chapter in your own story, as you sail through its azure waters and discover the wonders that await at every turn.

    • Step foot in the captivating city of Trogir — a beautiful central Dalmatian city surrounded by historical UNESCO-protected buildings. Take a walk on your own and discover the charm of narrow cobbled streets and historical stunning waterfront, and meet your guides and skipper around 5pm. Once you board the sailboat, treat yourself to a welcome drink and traditional Dalmatian and Slavionian delicacies. As the sun sets, get to know each other a bit and head to your first docking point, Milna, situated on the island of Brač. Dinner will be served in a charming local restaurant that perfectly complements the awe-inspiring surroundings.

      There is also an option to embark on a detour to the enthralling island of Šolta and, if time permits, visit a beekeeper Goran. Prepare to be both educated and entertained by his fascinating lectures on the intricate world of bees. In this case, the dinner would also be organized at Šolta.

      Meals: Snacks on board, restaurant dinner

      A high angle view of the Old Town of Trogir, with stone buildings and church in the foreground, while its newer buildings on the mainland are in the background divided by a channel of water containing yachts and tour boats, with a picturesque waterfront recreation area.
    • Wake up on the island of Brač, the third largest island in the Adriatic. As the golden rays of the sun dance upon the horizon, enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast on board and choose between two hiking options for the day: hiking to the top of Vidova gora — the highest peak of all the Adriatic islands, or hiking to Blaca Monastery located in a steep and hidden uninhabited gorge.

      In the afternoon, relax on the boat or go for a refreshing swim in a picturesque bay, Prepare to set sail once again, bound for your next destination: Stari Grad, an island of history and charm on the captivating island of Hvar where you will spend the night. The town was a cultural hub for the Renaissance nobility and its historic core was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008. 

      Meals: Breakfast on board, lunch box, restaurant dinner

      Town of Milna on Brac island waterfront view, Dalmatia, Croatia
    • To get to Vidova gora (778m/ ft), your journey commences in the picturesque town of Murvica. First stop — the magnificent Dragon Cave! The cave was once inhabited by hermits, and in addition to the image of the dragon carved into the rock, there are also the remains of the chapel’s walls. As you ascend through a mesmerizing tapestry of stone, Mediterranean maquis, and ancient black pine trees, the breathtaking views unveil the crown jewel of Brač: the ever-shifting and resplendent Zlatni Rat, a sandy beach of extraordinary beauty, adapting its shape and position with the whims of wind and tide.

      Descend from this peak of wonder, following a picturesque mountain trail that guides you towards the charming town of Bol, where you’ll board the sailboat and relax for the day. 

      Hiking: 17 km / 10.5 miles
      Ascent: 1020 m / 3346 ft

      View on mountains and sea from Vidova Gora on Brac island
    • Alternatively, venture towards the enchanting Blaca bay, where a path leads you to one of the most captivating sites imaginable: the enigmatic Blaca Desert, hidden within the untouched karst landscape of Brač. Founded in 1551 by the Glagolitic people of Poljica, this abandoned monastery is an oasis of knowledge. Within its hallowed walls lie a treasure trove of ancient books, countless maps, timeless manuscripts, resonating sheet music, a mystical printing press, a celestial telescope, and even a hauntingly beautiful piano. From here, the ascent continues all the way to Jakova Stina, where you’ll begin the descent towards the bay of Farska. 

      Hiking: 9 km / 5.6 miles
      Ascent: 500 m / 1640 ft

      Pustinja Blaca hermitage hidden in stone desert canyon of Brac island, Dalmatia archipelago of Croatia
    • Hvar, the king among the Dalmatian islands, has been known since ancient times for its strategic and nautical prominence, interwoven with a tapestry of rich history and cultural treasures.. In our modern era, Hvar has ascended to claim its rightful place among the ten most stunning islands in the world, and the island with the most hours of sunshine in the entire Adriatic. 

      After breakfast, set off on a new adventure from Stari Grad via St. Nicholas to Sveta Nedilja. Traverse through lush olive groves and vineyards, marvel at the ancient artistry of dry stone walls, and wander amidst fields adorned with fragrant lavender, sage, and immortelle, nestled between rows of stoic stone and fertile earth. Gaze upon the captivating canopies of Aleppo and black pine, whispering tales of time gone by. 

      First options for hiking will take you to the top of Saint Nicholas. Once you reach the top (626 m), enjoy the spectacular views — you’ll feel like the mainland and the islands are like in the palm of your hand. 

      Hiking: 13 km / 8 miles
      Ascent: 680 m / 2230 ft

      Alternatively, choose to circumnavigate the majestic mountain, allowing the vistas to unfold from a lower vantage point within the ethereal Hacienda. Here, you’ll be captivated by spellbinding views that dance across the horizon.

      Hiking: 10 km / 6.2 miles
      Ascent: 550 m / 1800 ft

      Both tours will end in Sveta Nedilja, where a catamaran will be waiting fro you. Take a swim, explore the little village, and in the evening, visit an exclusive winery and restaurant. 

      Meals: Breakfast on board, lunch box, wine tour, restaurant dinner

      The southern coast of the island of Hvar, the bay in the village of Sveta Nedjelja, Croatia
    • Embark on a captivating journey to the hidden gem of Šćedro, a picturesque island nestled in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, take a refreshing swim, and continue sailing towards Korčula. This day is dedicated to pure relaxation, a respite from the cares of the world. And to heighten your state of bliss, indulge in a massage delivered by the skilled hands of a professional therapist, melting away tension and rejuvenating your entire being. Upon arrival in Korčula, a local tourist guide awaits, ready to unveil the secrets and wonders of this remarkable island.  

      This medieval town, built according to the strict rules of medieval urbanism in the shape of a herringbone, has been preserved to this day and is a special feature for which Korčula is known and recognizable. The meticulously crafted houses, palaces, and churches bear witness to the artistry of architectural decoration, showcasing the harmonious fusion of Gothic and Renaissance influences that define the island’s residential architecture.

      In the evening, visit one of the restaurants on your own. Your local guide will be more than happy to recommend the best places on the island. You’ll spend the night docked on a small island of Badija.

      Meals: Breakfast on board, lunch box

      Probably the most photographed narrow street on Korcula decorated with pink flowers
    • After breakfast with a view, sail off for Mljet National Park, where you will drop anchor in the beautiful Lokva Bay, long-forbidden for all tourists. This beautiful cove remained hidden for many years and only the most experienced sailors knew about it. There were military facilities nearby, so the entire area was a “forbidden zone” for civilians. 

      Today, you embark on an enchanting adventure to the captivating island of Sveta Marija, nestled in the southern realm of Mljet’s Great Lake. Within this ethereal oasis lies the ancient Benedictine Monastery, its very foundation etched between the years 1177 and 1198. Prepare to be transported through time as you wander through the hallowed halls, their sacredness resonating with the echoes of centuries past. 

      This will be one of the easiest tours this week — you’ll spend the whole day touring this Adriatic jewel with ample time to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you, and in the evening, you’ll settle down in Pomena, visit a local restaurant and enjoy fresh fish and seafood. 

      Meals: Breakfast on board, lunch box, restaurant dinner

      Sveta Marija monastery in Mljet
    • Wake up to freshly brewed coffee and breakfast as the winds (or motors) carry you towards the island of Šipan — the crown jewel among the Elaphite archipelago that graces the western shores of Dubrovnik. Time has really stood still on this island, and only a few renovations of old summer houses give a hint of how we live in the 21st century. Šipan’s extraordinary charm extends beyond its rustic tranquility. In fact, it has etched its name in the prestigious Guinness Book of Records, boasting the highest number of olive trees per square meter. With as many as forty-three churches, this tiny island will keep you entertained without a problem.

      Embark on a scenic hike, tracing the path from the charming town of Šipanska Luka to the alluring village of Suđurađ, and back again. Let the beauty of the surroundings envelop you as you traverse the undulating trails, immersed in nature’s symphony. After the hike, rest and get ready for dinner in a charming local restaurant.

      Hiking: 12 km / 7.5 miles
      Ascent: 300 m / 985 ft
      Meals: Breakfast on board, lunch box, restaurant dinner

      View of the islands
    • Prepare to embark on the grand finale of your extraordinary journey as you set sail towards the legendary city of Dubrovnik, a beacon of history and heritage that has captured the hearts of travelers throughout the ages. This remarkable city, renowned for its imposing walls and rich historical heritage has served as the backdrop for the epic “Game of Thrones,” enchanting viewers with its stunning vistas and captivating architecture.

      Today’s tour begins with a 2 km long walk along the walls and then a climb to the hill of Srđ. As you traverse this ancient fortification, you’ll be transported to the realm of kings and queens, dragons and intrigue. Enjoy the spectacular views from the top and, if your group decides so, have lunch in a restaurant with the most beautiful view over the city. In the afternoon, join a local tourist guide and hear all about the historical and cultural heritage of this pearl during a walk through the city. As evening casts its enchanting spell, the city becomes yours to explore at your leisure. Your guide can recommend the best local restaurants and bars to visit. 

      Meals: Breakfast on board, lunch box

      A high view of Dubrovnik Old Town at dusk showing the outside of buildings, lights and the sea.
    • Wake up to the spectacular views of Dubrovnik, have breakfast and get ready for disembarkation. Reflect upon the unforgettable moments and cherished memories created throughout your voyage, as you bid adieu to the sailboat that has been your home away from home.

      Please note that this itinerary is subject to change based on weather and other conditions. However, your guide will make sure to give you the best experience possible no matter what!

      The view from mountain Srđ, Dubrovnik Old Town surrounded by city walls and the island of Lokrum, Adriatic Sea
    • What you get on this adventure:

        • Experienced, local hiking guide with extensive knowledge of the area
        • An experienced skipper  
        • Special local tour guide in Korčula and Šibenik
        • 8 days of hiking and sailing along the Croatian coast
        • Accommodation on a spacious sailboat (Lagoon 46 or Saba 50) for 8 days
        • Tickets for Mljet National Park and Dubrovnik Old Town Tour
        • Traditional Croatian breakfast on board every day
        • Lunch boxes and dinners on most days
        • Fruit, snacks, and water for daily outings
        • Water, juice, coffee, fruit and snacks on board
        • One wine tasting
        • One massage by a certified massage therapist/physiotherapist
        • Hiking poles
        • Linen, towels and beach towels
        • Harbor fees

      What’s not included:

        • Airfare and transportation to Trogir and from Dubrovnik
        • Personal hiking equipment
        • Dinner in Korcula and Dubrovnik
        • Alcoholic beverages 
        • Guide gratuities — optional
    • Become part of the crew on a floating oasis of luxury built for Adriatic adventures. Depending on availability, you’ll either board the catamaran Lagoon 46 or Saba 50. These roomy modern yachts with en-suite bathrooms, wardrobes, and electricity are capable of accommodating your every need.

      After a filling Croatian breakfast, relax and shoot the breeze on the wood-clad galley and lounge area, or cool off in your air-conditioned cabin. The spacious deck is ideal for sunbathing and stargazing under the boundless Mediterranean skies. Four hot meals are included in the price of the trip, whether it’s lunch or dinner. There will be a fridge onboard filled with food you’ll eat for breakfast.

      An examples of a sailboat interior

    • The best thing about hiking and sailing in Croatia is that there are incredible options for all skill levels. This tour is beginner-friendly but requires you to have decent fitness levels. You will cross 5-17 km/ 3-10.5 miles per day, depending on the chosen route and location with ascents up to 1020 m/ 3345 ft.

      You can explore different locations and levels of hiking in the area. Your guide will propose different options and your group can see which tour fits you the best. If you want to take a day or two off, feel free to stay on the catamaran or go to the beach.

      Private tours will be customized to accommodate your preferences and fitness levels.

    • Here’s a list of the equipment you need to bring:

        • Duffle bag for your personal belongings 
        • Day pack (around a 25-40L bag)
        • Water bottle or hydration bladder (2L capacity)
        • Lightweight hiking boots or shoes
        • Light shoes or sandals for free time 
        • Flip flops or sandals for the sailboat and beach
        • Comfortable hiking clothes (bring layers)
        • Spare clothes for layering
        • Hoodie for colder nights
        • Waterproof rain jacket
        • Windbreaker
        • Swimsuit
        • Sunhat
        • Sunglasses
        • Sunscreen
        • Toiletries (hand sanitizer, bug spray, etc.)
        • Camera — optional (but recommended)

      Your guide will secure:

        • Hiking poles
        • Beach towels
    • Group sizes and prices:

        • This tour is not private. Solo travelers are welcome!
        • It takes a minimum of 4 participants for this tour to run. The maximum number of participants is 6 people. 
        • The cost does not decrease as the group grows. 
        • It is possible to charter a boat for a private tour.

      Hiking and sailing in Croatia can be arranged for larger groups. Contact us to make arrangements.

      Min. age requirements:

        • If you are older than 18, you’re good to go.
        • Minors younger than 18 may be permitted to join the hike on a case-by-case basis, but must be in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

      If your group has hikers under the age of 18, contact us prior to booking to make arrangements.

    • Renting a charter boat means you have the freedom to make your own schedule and go wherever the wind and desire take you. Charter offers additional flexibility and custom itinerary adapted to your group, as well as a chance to upgrade to a bigger catamaran.

      Your guides and skipper will help you create an itinerary that suits your travel needs and wishes. They will handle the boat for you and recommend routes and places to visit. They know where you can anchor and get supplies, find privacy or enjoy the Croatian party scene.

      Let us know which dates work best for you and we will give you an estimate of the prices and options for that period. Prior to payment, we will send you a charter agreement and corresponding invoice. The price includes a skipper, two guides, fuel, harbor fees, cleaning, and everything else previously mentioned.

      The final price of the tour depends on the chosen dates, possible upgrades and add-ons. Invite your family and friends who also love boating and reduce the cost per person!

    • Depending on the tour you choose, you will either depart from Trogir or Dubrovnik. If you’re departing from Trogir, the nearest airport is Split Airport. If you’re departing from Dubrovnik, the nearest airport is Dubrovnik Airport. Most people take a taxi or a bus to reach the harbor.

      Other options include Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb, about 6-7 hours from Trogir and Dubrovnik.

      Map showing Croatia's location in Europe

    • Dalmatia’s mild Mediterranean climate boasts perfect weather year-round. Tours are scheduled to fit with the seasons and ideal cycling conditions. When the weather does not cooperate, your guide will know the correct course of action to take. Whether that’s shifting to a more favorable location or postponing until conditions approve, your guide will know just what to do. In the event of predictably bad weather, you will be contacted prior to the trip to discuss suitable alternatives. 

    • We highly recommend that you cover all your bases with both emergency medical and travel insurance. With medical insurance, if you have an accident or medical emergency on or off the mountain, you’ll avoid paying out of pocket for costly expenses. This covers everything from hospital treatments to emergency air transportation and more.

      Travel insurance covers canceled flights, natural disasters and other scenarios that may interrupt your travel plans. 

      We also expect you to respect local regulations and take measures to protect yourselves, your guides, and the communities you’re traveling to. For more information on travel recommendations and restrictions in Croatia, please refer to the official government travel information or  the official site of the Croatian Tourist Board.

      If you need assistance selecting the right insurance for your group, let us know and we will be happy to help!

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