Hike in Iceland's Winter Wilderness

Hike in Iceland’s
Winter Wilderness

As you cross miles upon miles of trails and roads, you’ll be awestruck by landscapes that defy the laws of nature. The most stunning and isolated parts of Iceland swirl together as you embark on this winter hiking adventure through its mesmerizing wilderness.

During the summer, Iceland teems with spectacular roaring rivers and mystical valleys, but winter presents a perfectly unique adventure on some of Europe’s most wild terrain—clad in snow and ice. Discover the untamed parts of South Coast and Highlands over six days of pure magic—although good weather can’t be guaranteed, an epic adventure can!

Boundless terrain under the northern lights

Iceland is a land of glistening glaciers and volcanoes, lying on the constantly active geologic border between North American and Euroasian tectonic plates. With the Arctic Circle pouring frigid air from the north and the driving warm Gulf Stream from the south, Iceland coalesces in a land of diverse and vivid landscapes.

Covering almost 40,000 square miles, Iceland is endowed with over 130 volcanoes on the one hand and over 265 glaciers on the other, dubbed the Land of Ice and Fire. In one of Europe’s largest untamed tracts, venture off the beaten path into the other-worldly wilderness that will delight even the most experienced adventurer.

  • 64°96′ N AND 19°02′ W
  • 40,000 SQUARE MILES
Traversing Iceland’s winter wilderness is that much easier with a super jeep.
The location of Iceland on the full map of Central and North Europe.
The map of Iceland.

Venture into the white unknown


Access otherwise inaccessible places and snowshoe and climb to the furthest reaches of this volcanic island—the remote corners of Iceland are like portals to another world. Far removed from the crowds and urban areas, not many people get a chance to witness the beauty of these places, especially not when they’re covered in snow.

Energize your mind and soul as you venture to otherwise inaccessible places. Snowshoe to the peaks of dormant volcanoes, climb untouched frozen waterfalls, spend hours hiking the snow covered lava fields, and revel in the ever-changing landscapes.

The majestic sight of Iceland's highlands in winter.

Your basecamp for exploring the South Coast

Leave your heavy backpacks at home. On this trip all you need is a daypack, your mountain boots and a little admiration for the cold. Once you return, warm your toes and share stories around the campfire then observe the starry skies dancing with spectral lights!

From your Midgard Base Camp & Restaurant in Hvolsvöllur, downtime may be so cozy you won’t want to venture out. Enjoy long sunsets and sunrises, relax in steaming hot springs and spend cozy nights in a modern hostel. For meals you’ll enjoy freshly prepared and delicious Icelandic dishes in an intimate setting with 6 to 12 other hiking enthusiasts. With inviting facilities and common areas ideal for bonding with your group, you’ll feel like you’re on a big family trip!


A surreal experience awaits

Expect the unexpected in the Land of Ice and Fire

Witness the dance of the Valkyries

Explore glacier-formed canyons during the day, and bask in the glow of the northern lights at night. For Vikings, the lights represented the Valkyries who guided the souls of fallen warriors to Odin’s Valhalla. As their dance lights up the sky, enjoy the complete silence around you—the only thing you will hear is the breeze blowing through the frozen birch trees.

Winter season is your best chance to observe the Northern Lights in Iceland.
A dark night sky with green northern lights


Due to Iceland’s shifting currents, your guide will unfold the map each morning and craft a new journey each day. You’ll evade the tricky weather conditions in 4×4 durable trucks with massive tires modified to handle the Icelandic conditions.

These vehicles will provide safety and unparalleled flexibility. Amazing roads and trails to frozen waterfalls, volcanoes, secret canyons, and the wildest parts of Iceland are waiting for you!

Hikers treading on Iceland’s trails in winter.

Find exciting new challenges

Not everyone dares to venture into Icelandic wilderness, but with experienced guides and drivers, there is no reason to hold back.

If the conditions allow it, don’t limit yourself to hiking—there’s a myriad of options!

Ice climb, navigate spectacular ice caves, or visit the famous Highlands and Thorsmork valley. You could even spend a night in a mountain hut!

A person climbing through an ice cave

Your guides

Albert Ojembarrena is an AIMG Mountain & Glacier Guide and the owner of Amarok Adventures. Alberto has guided adventure treks in Iceland, Greenland, South America, and Nepal and worked as a documentary and travel photographer for international magazines. He has lived in Iceland since 2015, traveling the country discovering hidden gems and loads of adventure off the beaten path — always with his camera in tow.

Mónica Fuentes is a Mountain guide certified by UIMLA. She is experienced in mountaineering, sport climbing, and skiing. Originally from Spain, Mónica shares her love for nature and the outdoors with clients all over the world. She knows her way around Iceland’s hidden gems, as well as all the best spots in Black Forest, Morocco, United States, Scotland, and Nepal.

Alberto Ojembarrena will guide you through the best hiking on the Faroe Islands. Mónica Fuentes is a certified mountain guide who knows some of the best spots on the Faroe Islands.
Tam A

It was hard choosing a company out of so many, but AMAROK rocked it! Monica and Alberto are just these kind of people you want to hang out with, plus they have those super cool Defenders (which are amazing for photography). Every place they will show you is gonna blow your mind, no matter the weather. It’s definately money well spent! Thank you so much guys, loved every minute of the trip 🙂

Jennifer L

Iceland is an amazing place but very vast and it’s best to let the locals show you the really magical and secret spots. Amarok is the way to go and their skilled guides, Alberto and Monica, made our experience memorable and comfortable. You’ll get a sweat going and you’ll be rewarded with draw-dropping views and surprises along the way. I’d wholeheartedly say not to miss the chance!

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