Come Ski Kosovo. This Place is Far Out

7 days
All ages
1–4 people

Think about it: if someone said, 'Do you want to adventure and ski in the Accursed Mountains?', chances are you'd say how and when and where. Welcome to the Dinaric Alps, known locally as Prokletije. The powder, wildlife and skiing are out of this world and well worth the trip off the beaten path.

Allow us to introduce you to Her Majesty Gjeravica (Kosovo’s largest moutain)

There’s steep lines, big drops, gnarly couloirs, amazing forest runs. There’s also mild and mellow terrain as well. If you’re looking for something else, chances are you’ll be able to find it here in the Dinaric Alps. Ask. With their proximity to the Adriatic Sea, the alps here offer an undiscovered skiing paradise. Bring on the bora!

Plan on skiing around unchecked wilderness, in the vicinity of homes of wolves, bears, lynx and tons of other creatures not found in more frequented parts of the world. During the winter months, our destination is reachable only by snow cat – about an hour’s ride. We promise you that it’s worth it. Once there, you’ll have everything you need and would most likely be ready to cozy up and relax if it weren’t for the stunning powder and skiing available just outside the front door.

Regarding the terrain itself, the locals don’t like to brag, but yes, they have it all. And there’s a lot of it: high alpine terrains, forrest runs, couloirs, big open fields and all the rest. You won’t ski the same line twice.

A little word about the small Grand Hotel Gjeravica

Owned and manged by a local family, the Krasniqi hotel is located in the Ereniku Valley on the south face of the Gjeravica peak (1750m). During winter months and heavy storms it feels like the biggest and best place you have ever stayed at. The open fireplace on the hotel’s multi-purpose ground level will keep you toasty for while you get your apres ski mood on. There’s a self-sustainable electric supply from a water turbine and there is a power generator if needed. The internet will work until snow covers the antennas. In this event, there’ll be an internet rescue mission to dig out said antennas. Don’t worry about the food. It’s delicious, plentiful (as is the plentiful and cheep Sabja beer) and it is ORGANIC BY DEFAULT. Yup. Old school.

Here’s what your itinerary will look like

Saturday (Day 1): Arrival

  • Welcome dinner at restaurant Trofta
  • Transfer to Grand Hotel Gjeravica

Sunday – Thursday (Days 2 – 6):

  • Ski days

Friday (Day 7):

  • 6th ski day or trip to Prizren
  • Transfer to Prizren and lunch at Tiffany’s
  • Night out at Pristina/Skopje/Tirana depending on your flight departure location
  • Extra ski day with 100 euro extra charge, per person

Saturday (Day 8):

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to airport
  • Departure


Here’s what a your daily schedule will look like
  • 7.30am: Breakfast
  • 8.30am: Gather in front of the hotel and pack the snowcat
  • 9.00am: Depart from the hotel
  • 9.00am – 12.00pm: Skiing
  • 12.00pm – 1.00pm: Lunch!
  • 1.00pm – 4.00pm: More skiing and riding
  • 5:00pm: Dinner
  • 7:30pm: Crew meeting and a short brief for the next day of riding


Where we are
Class Location
Albanian Alps
Meeting Location
Lynx Freeride
What's included
  • Transfers from the restaurant Trofta to the hotel and back
  • 5 days of catskiing
  • 6 nights at Hotel Grand Gjeravica with full board
  • One night in a hotel in Pristina/Skopje/Tirana (depending where you fly in)
  • 2 guides per group
  • Avalanche equipment
  • All transfer fees are covered for groups of six or more
Getting to Kosovo

Consider flying into:

  • Pristina, Kosovo – approximately 1.5 hour drive from the airport to pick up point in Junike
  • Skopje, Macedonia – about 2.5 hours drive from the airport to the rendezvous point in Junike. Keep in mind there is a border crossing between Macedonia and Kosovo
  • Tirana, Albania – approximately 3.5 hour drive from the airport to the pick up point in Junike. There is border crossing from Albania into Kosovo
  • It's best to hire a taxi from the airport to bring you to the pick up poing. We have trusted taxi drivers and are able to arrange transport. Rental cars are expensive and of little use once you've reached your destination


  • If anyone is crazy enough to drive to Kosovo from Western Europe it is best to follow the highway from Austria (exit Karawanke tunnel) through Slovenia (exit Obrezje) then via Croatia (exit Bajakovo) further on through Serbia (exit at Nis and follow the road to Merdare, which is the border exit for Kosovo) and finally you'll arrive in Kosovo (Pristina Gjakova – Junik). We can secure parking for those of you brave enough to consider driving.


  • Don't bother!
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Guides running this program

Hamdi Hisari

If you ever end up in the mountains in Kosovo, you want to be there with Super Hamda. He is a legend in the Kosovo ski community: he's a snowboarding pioneer, the first big mountain skier in Kosovo and much more. It's hard to describe all the skills that Hamda has but for more info please check out the TGR's video.


Sebastian Fleiss

Sebastian has a deep, strong connection with the mountains from his youth. He is an ex-national champion in skiing, snowboarding and spearfishing. He is living his dream now, spending winters on the mountains and summers on the island, giving his best to share his experiences with anyone up for an adventure or run.