Backcountry Skiing and Splitboarding in Yellowstone

Any level
1 day
All ages
1–5 people

Sure, most people think of Yellowstone and they think summer, hiking, and wildlife.

Whether you are in search of powder skiing, cross country skiing, or a leisurely hike on snowshoes, Beartooth Powder Guides can cater to everyone’s needs and desires for winter exploration of Yellowstone National Park. The remoteness and wildness of Yellowstone in the winter makes for one of the most unique winter backcountry experiences in all the world. Beartooth Powder Guides can take you to the deep POWDER stashes of Yellowstone Park, take you on a search for coyote, fox and wolf tracks, or show you some of the amazing frozen waterfalls in the area. The following are a few examples of 1/2 and full day tours we can provide. We also cater to peoples alternative desires for exploration in the Yellowstone Backcountry, so drop us a line or give a call to discuss other options for Traveling in Yellowstone in the Winter.


Skill Level: Beginner
Ski from the Warm Creek Trailhead to the Northeast Entrance Park Boundary. You’ll see some beautiful frozen waterfalls and maybe some wildlife! This is a half-day offering, but be sure to try some of our other tours if you’re in the area. Or if you realize there’s so many more places to ski and see while you’re here.


Skill Level: Intermediate
Ski from Warm Creek into Pebble Creek and look for signs of wildlife along the way. It’s not uncommon to see moose or fox and experience some classic low angle tree skiing in the park during this tour. Participants should plan on a full day in the mountains. Scaled touring skis or skis with climbing skins are necessary for this tour.


Skill Level: Intermediate
Backcountry ski into Lamar Valley and look for signs of coyotes, foxes and wolves. Depending on the desires and skill levels of participants, there’s some awesome powder skiing to be found on the slopes of Rose Creek and other areas of the Valley. Few park visitors leave the road to explore this area in the winter, so this is an amazing opportunity to see the park in a new light.

This tour can be done on backcountry skis, crosscountry skis or snowshoes. For safety and efficiency in travel, we require all group members traveling together be on similar traveling devices (ie, all snowshoes, all cross country skis, etc.).


Skill Level: Advanced
At 10,500 feet, Wolverine Peak provides one of the most aesthetic summit ski descents anywhere in Yellowstone. On the approach to the summit via Pebble Creek, the scenery is some of the finest you will find in the park; keep your eyes out for the elusive wolverine! This tour is not accessible with snowshoes or cross country skis.


Pebble Creek holds many other backcountry skiing opportunities for people with intermediate skiing and fitness levels, so inquire about customizing a ski tour to match your needs and desires.

A 3% resort tax is factored into the price.

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Guides running this program

Ben Zavora

Owner of Beartooth Powder, Ben Zavora has been leading his friends, family and clients around the mountains for the last 20 years. He turned his passion into a profession by founding Beartooth Powder Guides in 2012. He has volunteered and been a board member for the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center for the last 13 years, which includes assisting in field sessions on avalanche awareness courses for snowmobilers. Ben has completed a Level 3 Avalanche course and spends time every year in pursuing Avalanche Education events to stay current with the most recent Avalanche research.

Ben has completed his AMGA Aspirant Exam and is looking forward to completing his AMGA Ski Exam in the near future. Ben has skied extensively in Southwest Montana, the Sawtooths, the Eastern Sierras and in Europe, New Zealand and South America. Ben is eager to share his enthusiasm for the mountains around Cooke City with you, contact him to discuss your Cooke City POWDER experience! Ben is available at

Nina Hance

Nina was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, and is an AMGA certified ski guide. She grew up chasing her parents around the mountains of Montana and Alaska. She spent the first three years of her career guiding for a heli and snowcat-skiing operation in Alaska. She has also worked as an intern for the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center for two seasons. In summers, Nina teaches horseback riding and enjoys rock climbing and mountain biking.

Alan Oram

Alan is a Bozeman, Montana, local and is an IFMGA/AMGA certified Mountain Guide AND a Physician board certified in Emergency Medicine. He has skied and climbed extensively throughout the Western US, Canada, Alaska and Europe. The Beartooth Range and Cooke City are his local place and one of those areas that though little known, have some of the best skiing in the world.